The Power of Personalisation.

The personalisation of products in the retail sector is becoming increasingly popular. 78% of shoppers have said that they are more likely to buy from a brand that allows them to customize their products.  

At Small Giants we work with some of the biggest household brands in the UK, helping them to provide their customers with the ability to personalise their products, here’s why you should think about it too!  

Higher profit margin 

1 in 5 customers would be willing to pay up to 20% more to customize their products and add their own personal touch. This means that brands can now increase profits by tapping into these consumers and giving them what they want. They can add a mark-up to the standard retail price of their product and with the help of the Small Giants team, they can sell direct to consumer. For many well-known household brands this is an effective way to generate higher profit margins and strengthen the relationship with their customers. 

Increase in customer loyalty  

In the FMCG sector, it’s increasingly difficult to create customer loyalty. Shoppers looking for products in this category are mostly motivated to buy based on price.  

Offering a personalised direct to consumer service creates a closer bond with your customer. They’re able to interact with your brand in a new way and purchase your products through a platform that has never been previously available to them.  

A direct to consumer website means your customer spends longer on your site, engaging with your brand, giving you more time to get your message across.  It also means they are more likely to re-purchase, having a product with their own name or label design strengthens loyalty to your brand and long- term increases revenue. 

Powering the Online Business 

As more customers choose online shopping over retail, businesses must adapt to cater for this new kind of consumer. There’s never really been a need for FMCG brands to focus on their online business but now more than ever, brands are choosing to up their online game and encourage customers to interact with their brand through their website. 

By offering customers a personalised service that they cannot get anywhere else, FMCG brands in particular are able to add a new dimension to their business and become part of the digital world. All while increasing revenue and building on customer loyalty.  

If you want to have a chat with us about how we can support you and your business with an end to end personalisation service and a DTC ecommerce site, then please get in touch!